Credo is dedicated to combining high-level musical training with Christian mentorship and the opportunity for outreach and service to others.

Credo’s commitment to developing the next generation of musical leaders, in the context of integrated music study, service, and faith, empowers its students to be more winsome and productive members of their communities, their musical ensembles, and their families.

  1. Credo Announces 2015 Programming!

    Credo Announces 2015 Programming!

    Credo Music is excited to present its 17th season of high-level music study.  In addition to the flagship three-week chamber music festival in Oberlin, Ohio, Credo will be traveling to Chicago, Illinois to host three other intensive music...

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  1. What is My “Heartset?” by Natalie Sherer

    How would you describe your attitude as a musician in the year 2015?  How does your mindset affect your career, your confidence, and the way you face the challenges of an artistic lifestyle?  As followers of Christ, our thoughts and beliefs tangibly affect our practical day-to-day lives. These initial weeks...

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December 14
Messiah Sing-Along, Severance Hall: 7:30pm
December 15
Messiah Sing-Along, Finney Chapel: 7:00pm
January 19-24
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