Credo is dedicated to combining high-level musical training with Christian mentorship and the opportunity for outreach and service to others.

Credo’s commitment to developing the next generation of musical leaders, in the context of integrated music study, service, and faith, empowers its students to be more winsome and productive members of their communities, their musical ensembles, and their families.

  1. 2014 Summer Concerts

    2014 Summer Concerts

    For the next several weeks, 80 young musicians from 26 states and several continents are living the Credo vision at the Credo Oberlin program. Daily coachings, weekly formal concerts, and numerous opportunities to share their...

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  1. And This I Pray

    For a long time, I never understood the concept of praying using Scripture. It always felt a little like cheating – as if I couldn’t come up with my own original words and needed to use someone else’s. Never mind that Jesus Himself gave us a prayer outline in Matthew...

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Sounds of Credo

Upcoming Credo Events

July 19
Haydn Creation conducted by John Nelson, Severance Hall, Cleveland
July 20-26
Credo Prelude Chicago