Credo is dedicated to combining high-level musical training with Christian mentorship and the opportunity for outreach and service to others.

Credo’s commitment to developing the next generation of musical leaders, in the context of integrated music study, service, and faith, empowers its students to be more winsome and productive members of their communities, their musical ensembles, and their families.

  1. “Amazing Grace” the Musical

    “Amazing Grace” the Musical

    “The Song the World Knows. The Story it Doesn’t.” “A true story that’s been waiting 230 years to be told…” Exciting news for Credites and Chicagoans alike!  Not only is there a new show called...

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  1. Trust

    “Every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. And if they can do it, so can you.”  That’s John Green for you. His words aren’t particularly inspiring, but if you didn’t feel even the teeniest bit of relief reading that statement then you probably aren’t a typical prospective student...

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July 19
Haydn Creation conducted by John Nelson, Severance Hall, Cleveland
July 20-26
Credo Prelude Chicago